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From my studio located in the Portuguese rural context, is where the creations are born: amidst greenery, animals, and tranquility.

My designs originate in my mind, unfold on a sketchbook, and among all the sketches, I try to bring them to life with Portuguese clay.

The rich historical tradition of Portuguese craftsmanship, particularly in pottery, is one of my motivations to express my viewpoint in my creations.

Each piece is shaped, refined, colored, and glazed by hand: a process that makes them unique creations. It is precisely the irregularity that defines Paulina Marra.

All the feline characters you see are inspired by the different cats freely roaming around my village: they are my inspiration! (I hope they bring a smile to your face too)

If you have any ideas in your mind, don’t hesitate to contact me through my mail@paulinamarra.c

Rua Principal 32

Fermil – Figueiredo Das Donas

3670-101 – Portugal

+351 961561677

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